About Camp Nansen

Hey there!
My name is Trond Nansen, I was born in Norway in 1990.

To the people who are interested in my last name and the relation to Fridtjof Nansen, he is my great grandfather’s brother.

Growing up as any other average kid, parents divorced when I was around 10 years old. My dad ended up being the one focusing on my diet and exercise. Mom on the other hand didn’t have his back and thought I should have more “slack” in my life.

Ended up being a lot of hours playing video games…

So as the years went by, the pounds started to haunt me. I never understood what eating healthy truly meant… I just tried my best.

Unfortunately, even tho I tried multiple times to lose the weight….
I always ended up going back to where I started (and added some more).

Finally finding what worked for me

After many years trying to figure out how I can lose the weight and feel great, I ended up creating a framework that changed it all.

How CRR (Create, Rate, Review) got discovered

aking a change is really difficult, but you are worthy of a fulfilling life with more meaning and intention than what you are currently experiencing.
We only know what we have experienced, so if you are like me who always had low energy I just didn’t know any better.

Before we start diving into what the CRR is, we have to know how to approach the tasks ahead. My toughest battles where actually understanding why I did not follow up on my goals, even tho I really wanted to lose the weight – why did I choose to eat unhealthy?

The best example is me going on the scale in the morning, looking at the highest number and tearing up. Extremely disappointed in myself…
That same day I had fastfood for lunch.
This is a great example on how messed up my desicion making was. I was a real emotional eater… so stepping on the scale actually triggered me to “accept” that eating fastfood for lunch was OK… My reason explenation at the time: “One more day won’t hurt?”

My problem was not this one incident, it was repeating the bad habits with the behavior that was not aligned with my goals.

Hard to believe in myself
Why would I make the change this time? I remember going back telling myself that I had disappointed myself so many times.
Doubting my own ability to make a lasting change… I had stopped counting the amount of times I started to do something, and quit before I dared to call it a real try.

Never good enough
After some soul searching I found out that I where so critical of myself, and the workouts or calorie counting I did where not giving me a feeling of “great job”. My feeling was that it wasn’t good enough and I should’v done better. Feeling like I failed myself, I went back to old routines.

Finally I found something that worked!

That’s when CRR was born,

  1. Create
  2. Rate
  3. Review

By always writing down what I did, I was able to make the framework that made it easy for me to understand how my actions affected my results.
To make it easy and obtainable for everyone I created the app that’s now known as Camp Nansen.

1 year transformation

Before After

1 year transformation

Before After

I went from being a lazy dad without energy, to someone who wanted to be more active with my family and loving everything life has to offer!
By using CRR I started doing one action at a time, trying to get as many green actions as I possibly could.

I quickly became a sucker to the greens, wanting to fill up my day with as many green actions as I possibly could. That’s how I came up with “GREENDAY” as an extra boost of motivation.

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